Audio-Visual CV

Things are changing dramatically in the job market. Some time ago, a graduate would get his first ‘real’ job within two months of graduating from university; nowadays, it can take several months and maybe even years for some graduates. The competition is undeniably a lot tougher. A small business owner recently shared with Mildred Talabi (a CV consultant and trainer) his complete shock at receiving 400 applications for one secretarial position they had advertised.

Nowadays you also may think it is getting harder to get the job of your life or any job. There are thousands of CV-s running out there. You will have difficulties to grab your employer’s attention! On the other hand, employers get to read thousands of CV papers. Sooner or later they get tired or bored by text.

However it has been demonstrated that people’s attention is much more retained by audiovisual content rather than by text.

Why not be the first to show your potential employer your innovation spirit and show them you really care about this job? Stand out from the crowd! Produce your own audiovisual CV !

We also provide a tailor-made script that serves you as a guideline to present yourself in front of the camera. We film and edit the sequences into a coherent video. In addition, Mylanguage.lu certifies that the language skills claimed in the video CV correspond to your true capabilities. More than that a HR specialist will guide you through your application!

All in all – according to your needs, you will receive a certified Video-CV to apply with to your potential employers for your dream job!