Client: Equinox Productions

Responsibility: Project development consulting, full development and fundraising package

Directed by Oliver Koos

On an idea of Andy Bausch

Screenplay by Oliver Koos/ C.Thiry based on an script by Chris Neumann

DP: Jerzy Palacz

Produced by Nick Rollinger (Equinox Productions)

Cast: Stefan Weinert and Leila Schaus

Type : Short film

Genre : Period Thriller

Language : English

Lenght : TBC


At a wealthy resort in 1929, a nobleman falls for silent movie star Asta Nielsen. But as Asta’s obsession grows and starts threatening his wife and sickly son, he needs to find a way out. Any way out.

Screening: Official selection at AMARCORT Film Festival (Italia), Official selection at NDIFF Intl Film Festival, INTERNATIONAL TV FILM FESTIVAL BAR, Final Selection of MOONDANCE FILMFESTIVAL 2014, VIEWSTER VOFF Festival 2014, EDINBURGH Shortfilm festival and many others.

Official website: www.equinoxproductions.eu/cms/index.php/films/gallery-2/15-films/98-gallery-submenu-films

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