2011 ON THE WAY HOME (documentary)

Client: April FilmLab

Responsibility: Co-production

Directed by Sergey Kachkin

Screenplay by Sergey Kachkin

DP: Sergey Kachkin

Music Composer: Niklas Froese

Produced by April Film Lab

Type: Road Movie

Genre : Documentary

Language : German/Russian

Lenght : 56’


Never ending roads in Russia. Two souls living apart, that should be together. This story is about a journey, a relationship and returning home. He has been driving his truck for twenty years throughout Russia. She is waiting for him at home. He is alone on the road. She’s together with her beloved pet, faithful friend and protector: Irbis. This could continue for longer if Irbis would not be terminally ill.

Official Website: www.onthewayhome.eu

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