2009 ROUTINE (short film)

Client: Samsa Film

Responsibility: Assistance film production/Casting

Directed by Saesa Kiyokawa

Screenplay by Saesa Kiyokawa

DP: Olivier Koos

Produced by Anne Schroeder (Samsa Film)

Cast: Steve Preston, Jules Werner

Type : Short film

Genre : Horror/Drama

Language : English

Lenght : 15’


A bus driver, Mark drives his assigned bus, 140 as usual. His routine life has not changed for a long time: He drives the same bus, with the same time schedule, on the same route, everyday. The constant rainy weather on top of all makes it even harder to differentiate this day from any other. But tonight, his routine life is about to change dramatically. He spots a little girl in a red rain coat, all by herself in the deep forest. He can not simply leave her behind on the road, and decides to give her a ride… a ride which takes him to an unknown world.

Distribution : Samsa Film

Winner: Best short Film, Luxembourg Film Price 2009

Official website: http://www.samsa.lu/index.php?c=e4da3b7fbbce2345d7772b0674a318d5&v=c9b5ecceba35ab63c0f197c80c9d9538

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