Client: Equinox Productions

Responsibility: Project development consulting, full development and fundraising package

Directed by Oliver Koos

On an idea of Andy Bausch

Screenplay by Oliver Koos/ C.Thiry based on an script by Chris Neumann

DP: Jerzy Palacz

Produced by Nick

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Client: Ok&Stock Filmproduktion UG (Berlin)

Responsibility: Project development consulting

Directed by Elizabeth Ok

Screenplay by Elizabeth Ok, DP Stefan P. Neudeck, Stefan Wachner

Produced by: Ok&Stock Filmproduktion UG

Genre: Documentary

Language: German

Lenght: 72′


1941: Carlo Bohlaender and other

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2012 HANNAH ARENDT (feature)

Client: Amour Fou (former Minotaurus Film)

Responsibility: Assistance film management/production

Directed by Margarethe von Trotta

Screenplay by Pamela Katz, Margarethe von Trotta

DP: Caroline Champetier

Produced by Minotaurus Film – Bady Minck & Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu, MACT Productions (F), Heimatfilm (D),

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2011 ON THE WAY HOME (documentary)

Client: April FilmLab

Responsibility: Co-production

Directed by Sergey Kachkin

Screenplay by Sergey Kachkin

DP: Sergey Kachkin

Music Composer: Niklas Froese

Produced by April Film Lab

Type: Road Movie

Genre : Documentary

Language : German/Russian

Lenght : 56’


Never ending

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2010 HAVE A NICE TRIP, RUDI (short film)

Client: ARTE/SWR

Responsibility: Full Production

Directed by Kay Kienzler

Screenplay by Stefanie Ren

DP: Maximilian Hoever

Produced by Andra Maria Matresu, Anne Visschedijk

Cast: Georg Tryphon, Linn Reusse, Friederike Frerichs, Gabriel Marrer

Type : Short film

Genre : Drama

Language …

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2009 ROUTINE (short film)

Client: Samsa Film

Responsibility: Assistance film production/Casting

Directed by Saesa Kiyokawa

Screenplay by Saesa Kiyokawa

DP: Olivier Koos

Produced by Anne Schroeder (Samsa Film)

Cast: Steve Preston, Jules Werner

Type : Short film

Genre : Horror/Drama

Language : English

Lenght …

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2008 NIGHTSHIFT ON THE ODER (documentary)

Client: Europa Universität Viadrina

Responsibility: Full Production/Directing/Camera/Editing

Directed by Andra Maria Matreşu, Franziska Barth, Stefanie Trambow

Screenplay by Andra Maria Matreşu, Franziska Barth, Stefanie Trambow

DP: Andra Maria Matreşu, Franziska Barth, Stefanie Trambow

Produced by Andra Maria Matreşu, Franziska Barth,

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