GO GET THE JOB!! (Part 2)

Sooner or later they get tired or bored by text. Nowadays employer’s attention is much more retained by audiovisual content. Unless you prove originality when sending out job applications, it can take several months and maybe even years to get the job of your life !

When you’re looking for a job  –  first of all, keep in mind: the competition is undeniably a lot tougher!

Why not use your imagination to stand out from the crowd ?

Show up confident, be prepared, and rock it ONLINE!

Here are the most important questions to help you structure your Video-CV:

1. I want to work for…

The worst mistake you can make, is not knowing what you want. You are interviewing for a specific position within a specific company. Which position? Which company? As soon as you are sure about the answers to these two questions, focus on communicating your qualifications for that role. If you mention that “you are also available for xx and yy work,” you don’t seem very interested in filling the role you are presenting for. In fact, you seem rather superficial and uncertain of yourself.

2. What is your background ? Here you need to mention your :

- academical studies

- working experience

3. Why do you want to have this job ?

For most of us – this is the most difficult part to figure out. Focus on the value you can bring to the company – like how you would enrich the company – rather than on the benefits – otherwise you risk to send the wrong message and give the impression you are looking to take more than give.

4. Which languages do you speak and how often do you use them ?

5. What is life like in the city you want to work ? ..it is always good to show you are stable ;).

HR recruiters have no time to watch movies.  The more shorter and consistent the video – the more appealing it is. Communicate “yourself” efficiently. No “aaahm”, “uhhh” “hmmm”… no eyes rolling.  Look directly into the camera, be natural, straight to the point and original. You ARE amazing and deserve the job interview.

Things are changing dramatically in the job market… Now GO GET THE JOB YOU WANT!